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My Not So Wicked Step Brother Cover FINA
My Not So Wicked Step Ex-Fiance
My Not So Wicked Boss FINAL.jpg
The Sidelined Wife FINAL.jpg
The Secretive Wife FINAL.jpg
The Dear Wife.jpg
TIL Cover C.jpg
New HPRM Cover.jpg
More Trouble In Loveland.jpg
Statistically Improbable Final -  Amazon
Narcissistic Tendencies Final -  Amazon.
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Taylor Lynne.jpg
Rachel Laine.jpg
Cheyenne C.jpg
Best of My Love.jpg
Beck and Call.jpg
Midnight Promises.jpg
Return to Sender.jpg
In Name Only FINAL - for Amazon.jpg

Standalone Books

Professional_Boundaries Final.jpg
Ninety Days Final.jpg
The Girl in Seat 24b FINAL.jpg
Hit and Run Love FINAL.jpg
SCIP Cover Final.jpg
Facial Recognition FINAL - for
Honeymoon for One.jpg