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My Not So Wicked Boss


Love knows no contract.


"When it comes to rich, emotional, sigh-worthy romance, Ms. Peel is the master. And, the "Not So Wicked" trilogy is her 5-star monument." 


TJ Mackay, Founder/Publisher, InD'tale Magazine


Jennifer Peel didn’t grow up wanting to be an author--she was aiming for something more realistic, like being the first female president. When that didn’t work out, she started writing just before her 40th birthday. Now, after publishing several award-winning and bestselling novels, she’s addicted to typing and chocolate.


When she’s not glued to her laptop and a bag of Dove dark chocolates, she loves spending time with her family, making daily Target runs, reading, and pretending she can do Zumba. 

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My Not So Wicked Step Ex-Fiance
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My Not So Wicked Boss FINAL.jpg
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