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Hello, Goodbye, and Thank You

As we say goodbye to this bizarre year, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I know for many of us the last several months have been challenging to say the least. For me personally, 2020 was definitely a struggle at times. I endured the loss of loved ones, especially hard was the passing of my grandmother who was like a mother to me. On the other hand, I received some of my greatest blessings. One of those was being able to connect with so many of my fans. Honestly, the communication I was able to have with many of you via my social media pages, online book clubs, and through email was a bright spot that lifted my spirits more than you will ever know. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And though we all faced many challenges individually, and together as a world and nation, I have hope for the future. I look forward to 2021 and all the possibilities. Don't worry, I'm not calling 2021 as my year, but I do pray that there will be more love than hate. More toilet paper on the shelves. More peace than turmoil. More prosperity and less poverty. More health than sickness. More of us turning off the news and getting off social media and looking around to see our neighbors, friends, and those in our community as they truly are. And despite any differences we may have, I hope we will find common ground and love each other, even if the only common ground we can find is that we are all human.

Now here are some of the things you can expect from me in this coming year:

I will of course continue to be on social media and keep it as positive as I possibly can by posting funny memes, adorable pictures of my grandchildren, and writing updates. Giveaways are a must. I will be doing Facebook Live book clubs again. And for sure I will be WRITING! Hopefully, lots and lots of writing. During my writing break the last few weeks, I had several new book ideas come to me and let me just say, I think they are golden.

Below is a semi accurate, sure to change schedule for me.

January- All’s Fair in Love and Blood will be released. All I have to say is, Kane! Get ready to meet your new book boyfriend. Honestly, I had a hard time moving past him. I needed the writing break to work him out of my system.

February- Love the One You’re With will be released on the 16th. It will be included in the Love in the City box set. I love, love, love, Jake and Kasie and all their southern charm. I hope you will too.

March – I hope to be done with the first draft of Silent Partner. Return to Sender and Facial Recognition will both be released as audiobooks.

April – Silent Partner should be released. Get ready for a roller coaster ride. In Name Only will be released as an audiobook. I also will begin writing a standalone book. I will announce the title once I begin writing.

May – I will be prepping for the arrival of my new granddaughter and will continue to write the afore-mentioned book.

June – New baby will arrive, and I will be smitten with her and enjoying taking care of her big sister and mommy.

July – Release standalone book. Begin writing a new holiday book. Title to be announced after I begin.

August – I hope to finish the first draft of the holiday book by the end of the month.

September – I will probably begin writing the second book in the Serenity Spa series, Couples Massage. This will be Colette and Julian’s story. And if I can swing it, I will also work on Honeymoon for Two, Mia and Cash’s story.

October- Release my holiday themed book.

November- Finish wrapping up Honeymoon for Two and Couples Massage.

December – Release Honeymoon for Two and possibly Couples Massage.

Phew! I’m already tired, but so excited.

I wish you all a peace filled and prosperous New Year!

With love,


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